Risk management and Workers Compensation is an important part of planning for businesses

The process of risk management is designed to reduce or eliminate the risk of certain kinds of events happening or having an impact on the business. In any type of business, there are plenty of things that could go wrong .As a business owner, if you are not protected an on-the-job industry can spiral into mounting expenses, lawsuits, and even the forced shutdown of your company. Just as important, no business owner wants their employees getting hurt.. Our professional risk managers will help ensure that you have the best safety protocols in place for your staff, and that you’re compliant and covered in the event of an accident. Risk managers can handle:

Safety issues: Our expert risk management team will offer safety recommendations for your workplace, and assist you with regular safety inspections. We’ll also develop and produce employee safety manuals that help increase awareness among your staff, and prevent more accidents.

Worker’s compensation: With constantly changing laws and protocols, administering your required worker’s comp program can be challenging.
We will manage any worker’s compensation claims filed by your employees, investigating fraudulent claims when necessary.

Improve safety.We provide comprehensive safety training and inspections, and assume liability for safety-related issues in the workplace. Our safety services include:

  • Full on-site safety inspections
  • Development of employee safety programs and safety manuals
  • Safety risk management
  • Manage workers’ compensation.

HR Management Solutions helps you reduce the rate of workers’ compensation claims through improved safety and manage the administration when claims are unavoidable.

Our services include:

  • Issuing of Workers’ Compensation certificates
  • Claim intake reporting
  • Return-to-work program development and implementation
  • Fraud investigation (when warranted)

When you work with our team you are placed with a Workers Compensation Company that gives on-going support and you pay as you go along with your payroll - no annual or semi-quarter fees. Always incorporated with the price of the full PEO quote and contract signed.

From retail to manufacturing, businesses of any size can benefit from HR Management's 20 years of human resources experience and our relationships with the nation's leading PEO companies. We adapt to your HR/Payroll challenges. If anyone can find the right solution for your unique payroll services, employee benefits, or worker's compensation needs, its HR Management Solutions, LLC.

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